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Slavko Peraic's avatar

The efficiencies that using Middle has brought to my business have been a game changer, my processing staffs time has been freed up to concentrate on aspects of the deal process...clients find it easy to use and notifications process is always prompt and keeps everyone up to date.

Slavko Peraic


Tom Uhlich's avatar

I’m a big fan of Middle. It has streamlined my business and made it much more professional from a client point of view. I like how it does a credit check and highlights any undisclosed liabilities... I now make Middle my non-negotiable with clients.

Tom Uhlich

Boss Money

Conrad H.'s avatar

Middle has massively helped with my response also gives me easy access to property, ongoing expense and credit scoring data with minimal client friction. Middle has significantly reduced or in some cases skipped my involvement in one of the most time-consuming parts of identifying a client’s situation and needs.

Conrad H.

Finsure broker